Vacationing at the Gorgeous Beaches Resort in Jamaica

If you’re thinking of booking an upcoming stay at the Beaches Jamaica resort in Negril, keep reading for a broad review of the resort and its facilities.

Lots of Kids and Kid-Focused Activities

This is not a resort for honeymooning couples or adults looking for some rest and relaxation. Beaches Jamaica is very much targeted toward children, and a large portion of the resort is dedicated to children’s activities and distractions – making it perfect for family vacations.

For families with kids, the resort offers several daycare centers, numerous Sesame Street themed activities (characters walking around and live shows), water slides, day trips for teens, story time and even infant care. The major appeal is that they have a variety of activities targeted toward each age group – meaning your teen and toddler won’t wind up at the same activity center.

For parents, though, the resort can seem a little too kid-focused. There are adults-only areas and pools that are either designated for just families or just adults, but parents won’t have the run of this place. However, you can enjoy a little snooze at the beach knowing your children are well looked after and having a great time.

Fitness Center is High Tech

Probably one of the best features for adults at this resort is the fitness center. It’s stocked with state-of-the-art equipment and they run a number of fitness classes every day – ranging from low impact and introductory yoga to high-impact sessions like kickboxing.

Lots of Dining Options

Anyone who has spent a week at an all-inclusive resort knows that the same buffet night after night can get tiring after a while. To avoid food boredom, locating a resort with numerous a la carte restaurants is key. Jamaica Negril offers 6 restaurants ranging from a beachside cafe to fine and elegant dining.

Beach is Too Open

The beach in Jamaica is public, meaning a trip down to the sand and beautiful waters also leads to dealing with a lot of harassment from local vendors selling their wares. If you don’t want to put up with this, then you’ll have to be content sunbathing by the pool instead.

Rooms are Small

Unless you’re opting for a deluxe suite or large room, you’ll find the accommodations pretty small at Beaches Negril Jamaica. That said, if you’re sharing one room among a family of four, you may want to consider upgrading to a larger room.


Beaches Jamaica is a fantastic vacation option for a family. There are tons of options for the kids and a range of activities for a range of ages. The one major drawback? The room sizes don’t comfortably accommodate a family.

A Bahamas Vacation – Choose the Abaco Beach Resort and You’ll Want to Go Back Again

The Out Islands of the Bahamas is a wonderful place to venture to if you love sun, sand and good times. And one of the finest resorts in the Bahamas is the Abaco Beach Resort.

Abaco Beach Resort

Your options at the upscale Abaco Beach Resort seem almost limitless.

  • You can choose either a spacious ocean front room or a cottage with a complete kitchen at this 82-unit oceanfront resort.
  • You can choose to relax on its own private beach or participate in water sports.
  • You can play tennis at one of the two tennis courts or work out in the fitness room.
  • You can get to the islands by plane or boat – yours or someone else’s.
  • If it’s yours you may want to avail yourself of the spectacular 190-slip full service marina that sets it apart from the other Bahamas hotels.

    The service and hospitality is first rate. You can always find someone to help you with whatever you need.

    The crystal clear waters are superb for surfing, snorkeling and scuba diving. If you’d prefer to be above the water you might care to go sport fishing.

    The management and staff at the Abaco Beach Resort are really fantastic and are dedicated to ensuring that your vacation with them is as fun and worry free as possible. You can call on them whenever you want should you desire any assistance.

  • Their mission seems to be to help you make the most of your time in the Bahamas.
  • Whether you decide to stay at the Abaco Beach Resort or another terrific resort in the Bahamas you will probably pinch yourself with delight. The Bahamas has justifiably been one of the most popular tourist destinations for years now.

    Go there and it will probably become one of your top choices when you’re planning future vacations.

    Three Reasons For Buying Italian Real Estate – Investment, Retirement and Vacations

    Whether you are looking to buy Italian property for investment, retirement or for your family vacations now and then to live in later, this is a good time to explore the promising market of Italian real estate.

    Virtually all experts see property prices rising in years to come, so now is the time to invest your money in property in Italy.

    There are several reasons to invest in Italian real estate now.

    First, if you envision selling it in some years, the higher prices then will be an obvious plus for you.

    Or if you want to hold onto it (perhaps to move to when you retire), you can have an assured income, since rental property in Italy is in great demand.

    As well, you may want to just try out the waters with a property that you will rent out now and perhaps sell later. Or if it is profitable enough, and your finances allow, you may buy a second property later. And who knows, maybe a third down the road.

    For any of these reasons, the present prices of Italian property convince me that now is the time to invest in Italian real estate.

    As for a retirement paradise, how can you beat Italy? You are probably familiar with the wonderful food, climate, people, outdoor activities and culture.

    Some people I meet want a retirement house now, and some want to buy now, so it’s waiting for them later.

    If you will move later, buy that Italian home now and rent it out. One approach is to rent it out to other holiday makers, whether the property is urban or rural. Especially in the cities, rental properties are in high demand.

    Surprisingly, you may even be able to attract offices to rent your house. With limited, expensive central city space, more companies are renting homes for office use. If you do this, you will most likely find a renter who will stay with you for some years who will certainly maintain the property at a high level.

    But whether you rent to private tenants or to a company, this will provide a steady, good income until your retirement day comes.

    Now how about buying an Italian property for your vacations?

    Well, sir, you might ask, isn’t that going to be a rather expensive vacation?

    Not if you follow the advice earlier in this article.

    First just consider that Italy is a vacationer’s paradise. Not only for you but for a lot of people.

    Many tourists still opt for the traditional vacation places like Rome, Venice, major beaches, etc. and staying at a resort or a nice hotel.

    But the scene is changing and formerly out of the way places are becoming hot spots. So if you buy an Italian home, or a piece of Italian real estate now, you can be sitting on a vacation gold mine.

    Consider these facts:

    Italy is investing billions of Euros to build up the infrastructure in south Italy. This will make prices go up eventually, but you can buy now, since the build-up will make that area more accessible for tourists.

    More bargain airlines are flying more frequently to more places in south Italy that were formerly way out of the way.

    And the Italian railway system is undergoing an extensive modernisation, making it more efficient.

    So, look around a bit in Italy. Get some good advice from reliable estate agents and others who know the local scene.

    Plan well and act as soon as you can. I don’t think you’ll regret it.