Huge Savings Are Now Available on Condominium Resorts Worldwide

Most readers are aware that travel to timeshare resorts normally allows you to stay in one of the best condos in town. You are probably not aware that you are able to stay in these beautiful condominiums without the high cost of a timeshare purchase or the payment of numerous fees associated with timeshare ownership?

A unique situation has been created over the last 25 years with thousands of timeshare resorts opening and selling thousands of weekly timeshare units each year.

Here’s how you can take advantage of this situation and use these properties with your own membership affiliation.

This program has been offered throughout North America for more than 25 years. Until March of 2007, when a new marketing arm was created, it was only available through the purchase of an expensive vacation club membership, and only offered for sale through private invitations to seminars. The membership cost was $10,000 or more. It’s now available for immediate use for a fraction of that cost.

Why stay at timeshare resorts? If you have ever visited a timeshare resort, you realize that these resorts are in the best locations and are generally the nicest resorts in that location. Why? Each timeshare week will sell for up to $40,000. (That’s for the use of one week per year, plus you’ll need to pay an annual maintenance fee of approximately $500.00. ) Unfortunately, many thousands of timeshare weeks are not being used by their owners, these weeks turn into excess inventory and are sold to wholesale brokers and vacation clubs. This creates one of the best travel opportunities available in the world today.

What if you could stay in a luxury resort condo for as little as $298.00 for an entire 8 day 7 night week? There are more than 5,000 resorts participating in this program with no black out dates and it includes units that have one, two, or three bedroom suites for this price. You’ll also have the luxury of a professional travel adviser to take care of airline reservations, ground transportation, and information about your destination area, all at the best available prices.

If you could stay at one of these one, two, or three bedroom suites in Hawaii, Las Vegas, Orlando, Branson, the Bahamas, Italy, France, Barbados, Cabo San Lucas, Vail, Colorado, or many other areas throughout the world for as little as $298.00 for the week, would you go? Many people spend more than $298.00 for a 3 day trip for their family to stay in a small hotel room. Many of these resorts are within a short drive from your home.

Thousands of smart consumers are now becoming members of this vacation program and are using these 5,000+ condominium resorts inventory for their family or business vacations. Others use this program to earn extra income for their family, their church or other non-profit groups in their community. Some people do both.

Education yourself! No cost or obligation, just take a look!

You’ll be glad you did!

How Timeshares and Vacation Ownership Help Singles Set Their Standards- The Dating Difference

Imagine you’re single and you’re looking to get out of the house. Imagine you get a call inviting you out on Friday night for a first date and the offer is ” hey babe, let’s get together at 8P.M. we’ll grab a fast-food burger, some fries, and a beverage. Then,I’ll take you over to my cheap motel for after-dinner entertainment. ” Would you go on the date or hang up the phone?

Singles are setting their vacation standards with vacation ownership and timeshare purchases. The date or experience is so much different in a luxury condo, fully appointed with complete kitchens, dining area, decorated living room space, and private bedrooms, or several bedrooms. It’s not unusual to have washer/dryer or outdoor balconies with table and chairs overlooking wonderful recreational facilities such as pools, jacuzzi hot tubs, tennis courts, recreation centers, and sometimes incredible views of beaches, mountains, water, or just something beautiful.

You’d probably say “Yes” to a penthouse date with a fine steak, your favorite adult beverage, and absolute luxury. Mom always said that we can choose our friends and choose where we want to place ourselves. Singles are flocking to timeshare and vacation ownership in record numbers. It was not uncommon for companies to frown on touring singles at their resorts believing that they were less likely to make the purchase. Now, many companies are not only accepting these guests in addition to couples, they’re welcoming them and their vacation dollars.

Another trend is the consumer demand for flexibility. There are so many schedules and life demands that the opportunities to travel one-two-or three days at a time instead of the one-week at a time vacations are very popular.

Singles also like the affordability of timeshare and vacation ownership programs and use these ownerships as a great way to get together with family and friends more often,and in style.

The Bahamas: All Inclusive Resorts and General Tourism Information

One of the most popular destinations for all inclusive vacation packages is the Bahamas. The Bahamas are a series of twenty-nine islands, hundreds of cays, and thousands if islets that are collectively located in the Atlantic Ocean north of Cuba and southeast of Florida.

Many resorts exist throughout the main islands; about 50 percent of the Bahamas workforce relates to the tourism industry. The islands collectively encompass just over 5,000 square miles-roughly the area of Connecticut and Rhode Island combined- and have a population of about 330,000 people.


The Bahamas was originally the first point of entry that Columbus landed on in 1492 when arriving at the West Indies from Spain. The Spanish enslaved the native Lucayans and left the islands uninhabited until the British colonized them some 150 years later. Today’s native population consists largely of descendants of liberated African slaves from the British plantation economy instilled during colonization.

Geography and Climate

The island of Bimini is closest to the U.S. and oftentimes called the gateway to the Bahamas. East of Bimini is the large island of Grand Bahama, one of the most popular islands and also something of a landing point because of its proximity to Florida. The largest island is Andros Island, located directly west of Grand Bahama. The capital city of Nassau is on the island of New Providence.

All of the islands are flat and low, usually not exceeding about 50-60 feet in elevation. The highest point exists on Cat Island and is about 200 feet above sea level. The climate is tropical and dictated to a certain degree in the winter by the Gulf Stream waters. Hurricanes threaten the Bahamas in the late summer and fall, but these storms often pass near the islands rather than directly through them.

Tourist Attractions

Every other time of the year, the islands exhibit an almost surreal blend of pearly white beaches and lush turquoise waters. The islands of New Providence and Grand Bahama boast rows of luxury hotels and all-inclusive resorts. The outskirts of Grand Bahama consist of sparsely populated beaches perfect for those seeking a more tranquil experience rather than or in addition to a luxury hotel or all-inclusive vacation package.

Grand Bahama is only about seventy miles off the coast of Florida and just a three hour plane ride from New York City. Tons of shops, bars, and restaurants exist in the Port Lucaya Marketplace and of course throughout the capital city of Nassau. Water sports, dance clubs and casinos make up a significant portion of the Bahamas recreational activities.

Best Time to Go

There’s really not a bad time to go to the Bahamas unless a hurricane has developed in the area. The hurricane season from June to November is usually a great time of year weather-wise, and hence doesn’t deter many travelers who jump at discount all inclusive vacation packages. The winters are about ten degrees warmer than Florida, though once in a while Gulf Stream waters and trade winds can bluster in dramatically colder temperatures.

Winter, spring, and early summer are the most popular times of year for vacationers, with the spring season hosting the most tropical weather. The area is consistently humid, but the lower temperatures help the overall climate stand out as considerably more comfortable than other parts of the Caribbean.

The Bahamas are actually one of the most successful tourist attractions in the entire Caribbean, and a high percentage of travelers insist that they’ll return to the islands within five years for more exciting all inclusive vacation packages.